Why Use Google Apps For Work

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How, What and Why

The modern office can be a circus of a thousand and one systems, all thirsty for maintenance, server space and yet another password to add to your growing collection. A headache for end-users and the unfortunate souls in IT charged with bringing some order to the chaos, but also a growing weight holding your top performers from actually performing what you pay them to perform. I doubt Usain Bolt's 100 metre time would be quite as impressive if he had to stop to enter a different password every 10 metres!

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Sometimes the solution you have been looking for was under your nose the whole time. Google have been in our faces for a good number of years now. But gone are the days when the word 'Google' only conjured up images of a search engine; the technology giant has since grown proverbial arms and legs, making it less a giant and more a giant octopus. What makes this octopus an impressive creature however, is not merely the number of limbs it has, but more so how well each limb works in seamless tandem with the others, creating a smooth, multifunctional platform to cater for most imaginable work-based scenarios. Even a brief examination of some of Google's offerings leaves you with the impression that most workplaces are missing a trick. Suddenly, Outlook and that cumbersome Access database you've been plugging away at start to look a little Stone Age.

Google email (Gmail)

With up to 30GB per user, all the search and organise functions you'd expect from your normal mailbox and a few you wouldn't (voice search / ultra-simplistic multi-device access / multi-user video chat), what's not to love? Especially when coupled with Google's Calendar application, the two singing back and forth to each other perfectly.

Google Docs

Basically, think Microsoft Office, but made to measure for the Google octopus. All the spreadsheet functionality in Excel is mirrored in Google Sheets, and importing of popular file types is supported. Google Slides does the same seamless substitute for Power Point with better integration and sharing capabilities for your finished presentations.

Google +

Companies have been falling over themselves to bring productive social networking into the business arena in recent years. It seems to be the cool thing to do. And especially for large multinationals, it's easy to see why. It's a safe bet however that not many other third party apps offer the sharing and collaboration opportunities afforded by Google+. And of course, it talks to Google's other app offerings like an old friend, making transitions and sharing between apps a breeze.

Of course, I am aware that an octopus has 8 limbs. We're merely scratching the surface of possibilities here, and when you factor in the countless third party apps available in the Google Marketplace, even our octopus analogy doesn't seem to do justice to the potential on offer.

So why swap like for like? Why fix what isn't broken? Aside from the benefits mentioned above, when you begin to factor in the fact that maintenance and upgrades are done regularly by Google themselves and you're not relying on IT to deliver the goods, the benefits become even more apparent. As the functionality is stored in the cloud, it is simply a case of logging on to access the latest version of Google's applications.

Turns out Google have been busy working on their technology revolution whilst we've been finding the answers to life's questions on their search engine!

Click Here to Try Google Apps for Work for Free

If you live in the UK, contact me for a voucher code to give you an extra 20% off an annual subscription!

If you need help with setting up Google Apps or how to use any of it's services, please do not hesitate to contact me for assistance.