Do you Git It?

What’s it all about?

Git is an open-source revision control management system, a very efficient tool for managing projects of all sizes. I won’t go into detail, so for all the ins and outs, please visit the official site here for everything you need to know:

Where to store your repositories

There are many places to keep track and hold your repositories, here are two out of many possibilities;

 GitHub is the perfect app to assist with project collaboration. It allows you to commit changes, send pull requests and manage all your public and private git repositories.

Bitbucket, provided by Atlassian, offers you unlimited private repositories, with up to 5 users.

Let’s make a start

For a basic list of commands.

git help

When you first setup Git, you’ll need to set your username and email address to ensure changes (commits) are recorded properly.

git config --global "your name" git config --global ""

Creating a new repository

From an existing repository

From remote:

git clone username_@host/path/to/your/repository

From local:

git clone /path/to/your/repository

Check your repository status

This shows the files in your working directory which are staged, un-staged or untracked.

git status

More to be added.

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