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What’s WhatsApp Business?

Yep, there’s WhatsApp and there’s WhatsApp Business, and it’s FREE! Who doesn’t love a freebie, eh? This article will be a part of a series of posts related to free business tools to help you manage your business for free.

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Separation Anxiety: A Tutorial for Isolating Your System with Linux Namespaces

With the advent of tools like Docker, Linux Containers, and others, it has become super easy to isolate Linux processes into their own little system environments. This makes it possible to run a whole range of applications on a single real Linux machine and ensure no two of them can interfere with each other, without having to resort to using virtual machines. These tools have been a huge boon to PaaS providers. But what exactly happens under the hood?

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Chrome Google

Using Advanced Search In Google

If you’re anything like me, you’ll use Google several times a day, and if you’re not too computer savvy, you’ll probably be using Google at its basic level. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to be a ashamed of, in fact you’re a winner already because Google is the world’s most popular search engine.

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PC Maintenance

Why Backing Up Your Data is Important

Losing data can be a traumatic experience, especially if your files are important to you, such as invoices for businesses or personal images and videos you intend to keep. Whether you store data as a business or for personal use, you should always remember to have a backup copy on an external hard drive or cloud based service.

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Design Photoshop

How To Batch Resize Images and Save For Web Use Using Photoshop

I was asked to upload over 1000 images, each image approximately 3768 pixels wide and upwards, mostly over 3MB in size. Instead of spending time resizing and saving each image individually, I found a quick solution for batch resizing images to scale, then optimizing for web use. I used a brilliant extension which gives you so many more options, it’s been a lifesaver.

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